Sunday, May 30

omg just nw post something forget save i close!!! ALAMAK! WTH! T^T nvm kill time. nt going to type again cuz! forgotten wat i wrote. sadded T^T suan le...

Wednesday, May 19

Woo today wake up at around umm 9.36am yar correct rmb clearly xD wen to wash up den call danielle den go change den off i go! wen to find danielle at my hse lrt dere. den i go top up my ez-link card den enter th lrt. lols. wait for the lrt lalala n chat den in th mrt train chat. hahas den reach hougang. ? where is hougang plaza. lols hahas den go ask old chank de aunties dey'r quite frenly n told us where to go. so we start walking straight n say th plaza~ Wee its huge. bt only afew shops.. lol den wen up by stair {gt lift nvr take lols!} cuz we saw th staircase so we go to third floor. god th step is stip lar. walk until half tired liao lor omg i old liao!! >< den finally third floor!!! xD den open th door den saw th k box jus open hahas so we walk in n wen in th high rm xD starting i was busy finding songsss n was sing in th main time xD den hao le start to go high!!! den 12 th lunch came! me eat n listen to song ~ xD th food was nice wor! oishiiiii!!! hahas den eat hao ler continue sing lalla. after tat finish le at 2pm go bck to hougang mall den danielle buy hre contact den wear ler go bck to plaze again. on th way saw gt forget wat market. den go in "walk walk" den say pocky so i bought th strawberry n danielle bought th chocolate de~ den oso gt buy drink which is fruit tree fresh appel and aloe vera! xD den go bck to plaze. enter th pool or watever saw mr daniel! so we go in. sit dere awhile den go buy table. lol. wow so long liao. continue. xD den practice hw to play{beginier la nid time~} until 4+ me n danielle go bus stop den i saw gt 136 bus mayb will reach my hse here. so danielle take cab cuz going to b late liao den my bus n her cab came at the same timing n said good bye n off we go~ :DDDD

Tuesday, May 18

Wee today last test!!! OMG!!! actually have no confident on my dnt in the den after mr hioa teach le felt much much better xD goody~ hopefully on gt 1 fail instead of 2 x} omg so scared to get bck my result >< just nw say my chem paper liao heng pass ;D bt den suay sia injured my tiny little last finger. gosh is pain de lar. watever. hu cares? hais v sian lor. actually wan pei mami go buy contact lens den reach hm i tired lazy go out liao. xD anw good luck for the result :D oh btw nov gt th taiwan trip !!! OMG I wan to go T^T bt c cher gt choose me anot .. hais x.x i wan go with melody, danielle, jy, py n wq. hahas must pray liao ;x

Seriously wth plan liao in the end not going.
watever. so so not going to plan anymore CAN?!
so mother girl sia. can pls grow up anot...
=-= c lar no programme. wan go relax oso cannot.
wah mother *toot*...