Sunday, June 20

Yo! bck to post hahas nth to do sia~ sku gonna reopen +.+ I can feel tat geog n ss is waiting for me. AHHHH!! I hope it was a nite mare hais sadded. tdy wake up at 7+am dots sia. So wake up le go brush up den on com! xD Sian nth to do sia. Fb finish jiu go find song hais bored!
Concert is coming >< 2 weeks after another GOSH!!! Must practice hard liao x.x getting old liao stamina v jialat T^T. Hais nothing to do so came to post. Wah really sian sia. Wat should i do ley~ Do HW? Hell no! Lazy xD Umm ohh i noe le!!! Watch drama xD. *searching* Okay found. Shall watch BOF again xD bt starting from behind nt first episode xD CYA! <3

Sunday, June 6

Hello~ ytd went to hougang collect my button headphone xD so happy. gt white n black den when reach hougang n walking toward th entrance f hougang mall i was telling py most of th girls name grace is tall n skinny de lor xD den met th seller wow chio sia! xD den collect le went to mac~ py buy her food cuz she haven eat so while she eating we oso waiting wq to come xD den after py eaten we go shop shop! first went to umm mini toons den c c nth to buy den go next store lalalala den go clothes shop cc buy for XX. den walk walk saw joel. LOL LAR haha den smile n say hello we go to first floor de shop c c den when going up to thirt floor from first we said gt feeling will c dao joel again den really saw him. lols! hahas den we smile n hello again. LOL hahas den we go bck to mac eat ice cream~ den sit down awhile try our headphones at around 3+ den py n me go buy ice cream! we bought sundae den she saw infront of us gt 1 aunty{ifintwrong} buy strawberry flav den she ask me nice anot i said not nice{ asidunlyk~} den she buy strawberry. lols den i buy hot fudge xD so nice. sit down liao awhile ltr wq's mum came den she go off to shop for clothes with her mum T^T PS US xD anw so py n me continue to eat den finish at around 3.50+ i tink den walk out of hougang. hahas guess wat i forget where is th bus stop to take bus 87 to my ahma hse. LOL LAR! den lp pei me go walk den saw th bus stop. quite far. WOO TY LAOPO FOR ACCOMPANY-ING ME WALK TO TH BUS STOP XD den i reach liao trying to find whether gt bus anot orelse she nid walk bck alone hais in th end dk can take wat bus so she walk all th way bck alone. :{ sry n ty. so waiting for bus~ bus come le n go up, find place sit. take out my headphone listen to songs~ n write down all my contact down on a small book cuz bored xD den i gt look up c where m i n tinking did i take th wrong bus cuz it been around 3-4 years didnt take bus 87 xD th hse lyk different lar! abit scared bt nvm if really take wrong go down bus can call daddy tell him come xD bt nvr take wrong bus lar~ xD den reach ahma hse le go up lor. wait for mansss to come den tok n watch music videos while waiting cx jie. den at nite they left i let my dad listen to my headphone which i just bought. omg he say th base cannot hear so i change th equalizer to normal den he say th base abit only hais is my ear gt prob or th headphone? :{ sadded. den at nite reach hm bath den watch tv~ den actually wan slp bt cant so listen to music bt den fall aslp. lol den mid nite wake up th song still continue. so turn off n bck to slp xD den morning 11am wake up due to th.. u noe funeral th music. i wake up den v scared so look downstair omg gt th dead money lol... ltr at night watching the incredibles! xD v cute~